Why CAMCOVR is unique

No glue.

Sticks securely with nano-pore technology and leaves your device clean as you love it.

Easy moveable.

Simply use your Finger and move the CAMCOVR away to uncover and use your webcam.

Be individual.

Choose one of our gorgeous looking icons to customize your phone.

Protect your privacy.

Cover your webcam and protect yourself against spys, trojans and malware.

What people think of camcovR

Fun stuff!

And it definitely feels better to have a CAMCOVR – You just never know. And these tiny things are really fancy.


CAMCOVR for Your Business

For companies, CAMCOVR is also a great way to place Your brand in an innovative way. Please contact us and we will get back to you within a business day to set everything with you for a complete branded version of CAMCOVR for Your Business.

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