Here is to Why CAMCOVR

Protect your privacy.

Cover your webcam and protect yourself against spys, trojans and malware.

No glue.

Sticks securely with nano-pore technology and leaves your device clean as you love it.

Easy moveable.

Just move the CAMCOVR aside to uncover and use your webcam.

Feel better.

It's this nice feeling of increasing your online safety that makes you feel better.
Beautiful products by CAMCOVR

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What people think of camcovR

Fun stuff!

And it definitely feels better to have a CAMCOVR – You just never know. And these tiny things are really fancy.

CAMCOVR are a really nice giveaway to your clients and prospects and also a great tool to use in a security awareness campaign.

Well, you cant be watched and they look ridiculously good!

I like!

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For Your Company

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